Never Forget the past

Waking up to the unknown is frightening, but when Skylar discovers her memory has been erased, it goes beyond simple fear—she is absolutely terrified! With demons lurking in the shadows, desiring to force her into joining their diabolical side, Skylar meets some unique individuals—all of whom are willing to risk their lives to help her escape the clutches of evil. Torn between the love of her life and her ultimate destiny, Skylar has to decide the answer to an excruciating question. Will she choose to hide in the shadows with the man her heart beats for? Or will she take the chance to find out what being ‘The Chosen One’ actually means? Either way, she knows she might not live to see the next sunrise…



    The sound of chains dragging across rock followed by the slamming of a metal door stirred me from my drug induced sleep. Shivers ran down my spine as the chill of the room sunk deep into my bones and hints of sulfur mixed with decaying flesh insulted my sense of smell.         

    Raising my hand to my face in an attempt to block the atrocious odor, I felt a metal cuff bite into my wrist as something tugged against my arm. This cannot be happening! I thought as my eyes sprung open and goose bumps prickled my skin.

    The walls of the room were carved out of stone with splatters of blood adding color to the multiple shades of gray. Lights hanging from the ceiling created an eerie glow as it lit up the crimson liquid smeared across the concrete floor.  

    “I see you finally decided to join the world of the living,” a voice said, coming from the only dark corner of the room.

    “Where am I?” I asked in a raspy voice. No one responded. “Where are my friends?” I asked. Still no answer, so I tried another question. “What do you want with me?” 

    “I believe you know the answer to that question, Princess Skylar,” the voice purred as the figure of a human emerged from a dark corner. It moved along the shadows of the room like a jungle cat stalking its prey, keeping itself hidden in the midst of darkness while waiting for the right opportunity to leap out and snatch the unsuspecting victim. 

    “If I knew the answer then I would not have asked the question,” I said, trying not to sound afraid, even though I was shaking in my skin. 

    I sat there waiting for a response, for what seemed like eternity. When nothing happened, I gave up on getting any answers and decided to focus my attention on getting out of the cuffs that locked me to the blood riddled wall, while hoping that I didn’t get attacked in the process. I tried to slip my hands through the cuffs, but they were clamped too tight around my wrists. Then I tried to twist and bend the metal links that attached the cuffs to the chain. When that failed, I tried to rip the rings out of the wall by placing one foot on the stone-wall and yanking with everything I had. That didn’t work either. By the time I ran out of ideas, my wrists were raw and sore.  Frustration welled up inside of me and I yelled, “What do you want with me!”

    “You are about to find out,” the voice said as an iron door across the room clicked and began opening. Chills ran down my back as I watched four men walk into the room carrying what appeared to be a man, hanging with his back towards the floor while his hands and feet were tied to the pole that laid across the men’s shoulders. It only took a couple of seconds for me to realize that it was not just some random man hanging from the pole. The man was Dante. 

    I stared in shock as the four men walked over to the wall across from me and let Dante drop to the floor, then they quickly untied him, picked him up and began to attach him to the wrist-shackles that were bolted into the stonewall.  When they finished, Dante’s arms and legs were stretched out with each wrist and each ankle cuffed to the wall. Dante was unconscious and by the way he looked, I figured that was the best possible state he could be in. His face was bruised and bloody. One of his eyes was swollen along with his lips. His arms had numerous scrapes, cuts and gashes and by the way his clothes looked, I suspected that his body matched them.

    Just when I thought things could not get any worse, four more men walked through the door in the same fashion as the first, only it was Raine attached to a pole.  They hung Raine up the same way as Dante, and when they finished, another round of men entered the room. My heart had broken when I saw Dante and it broke again when I saw that Raine was in the same condition. But it shattered when I saw the last round of men who were bringing Luka in and he too looked as beaten and bloody as Dante and Raine. Tears welled up in my eyes and I fell to my knees, unable to support myself as the weight of reality crashed down on me. 

    “My master will be here shortly,” then the last man closed the door behind him. When I heard the latch click into place, I mumbled,      “What have they done to you?” I sat back, pulled my knees to my chest, and let the sobs break free. 


    A clicking sound caused me to jump to my feet. I knew it was the latch to the door and that at any minute someone would walk through, but I didn’t want anyone to see me curled up and crying. I reached up and quickly rubbed my eyes with my hands, and when I removed them, Veronica and Blake were standing directly in front of me – blocking my view of the three people I cared for the most.

    “Welcome home my love,” Blake said all sweet and innocent, as he placed his hands on each side of my face. “I have missed you so very much.”

    My eyes narrowed as he started to lean in for a kiss and when his lips were about to touch mine, I spit. Blake quickly let go of my face and wiped my spit away.  Then, he raised his hand and sent a stinging pain across my cheek. I reached up and placed my hand across the cheek that Blake had just backhanded and met his red, cat-like eyes with mine.

    “Keep your hands off me!” I growled.

    Blake’s response was quick. He grabbed my hands, slammed them into the wall and held them there as he leaned into me. His face was about an inch or so away from mine, and with a voice that sounded like it could have belonged to the devil, said, “I can put my hands on you whenever I have the desire to do so.”

    Without thinking, I raised my knee as hard and as fast I could, right into his groin.  With a growl that could have sent a lion running, he released my hands, buckled over and fell to his knees. I knew the moment my foot slammed into the boney structure of his nose, I would pay dearly for it, but I didn’t care. Anger and hatred towards him overrode any fear that was left inside of me.

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5 Star Amazon – “I couldn’t put this book down. Even now I find myself falling back I to the world Oliver created. Beauty, love, devotion. Ugliness, hate, deception. In a fight to save the world only one side can win; only one woman can choose. Skylar is left with no memory of her past in order to seal the fate of the future…The trials she faces. The danger that lurks in the shadows. The secrets others have buried all come together to lead the reader on a fantastic journey you won’t want to end.” ~ Dawn Kirby
5 Star Amazon – “The author did a great job in keeping me interested from beginning to end…the twists and turns were mind boggling and it all comes together with great finesse and surprise. It was very difficult to put down and I can’t wait to see what else this author has to offer.” ~Tanya Holm