45Christianity Hinduism Judaism Atheist Satanism Confucianism Buddhism A keeper for them all. Seven Dragons must join together in order to open the ring of Heavens and stop mankind from continuing its own demise.





Daragons of faith


“Faith for faith and soul for soul Division was the war The halt for peace, it stopped the love And alone, their hearts were torn.” Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Atheist, Satanism, Confucianism, Buddhism, A keeper for them all. Seven Dragons must join together in order to open the ring of Heavens and stop mankind from continuing its own demise.



Excerpt from Rashmi by Frantiska Oliver

      “I knew I’d find you here,” Kareena said, her human cheeks flushed as she plopped down beside Rashmi to watch the celebration take place.

      It was Kumbh Mela, and Rashmi had a very bad feeling something terrible was going to take place, so she had perched herself on top of one the many roofs and hid in shadows as the sun cross over the sky. Watching as thousands upon thousands of pilgrims gathered together in the waters of the Ganges River to wash away their sins in hopes of ending their own cycle of rebirth.

      “I have been on this earth for thousands of centuries and yet, to this day, I still do not understand the ways of man,” Rashmi mumbled quietly. “They destroy the gifts given to them by our Maker. The land ruined by their self-indulgence, the waters contaminated by pollution and filth, even the very air we breathe is tainted by creations they made with their very own hands. They abuse their bodies and that of others, speak of things that should never be thought of, perform malicious acts of hate and crimes, they lie, cheat and steal. Create wars over materialistic possessions or for power and greed. They place blame on everyone else and never once look at their reflection to see their own evil doings. They claim they want to reach Moksha, but their actions say differently. They…” Rashmi swallowed the rest of words and grew quiet, fighting back the tears building in her eyes.

     Kareena ran her hand down the dragon’s neck, offering the only comfort she could as Rashmi tucked her head under her wing, “I… I don’t know what to say. I’ve never seen you like this before.”

     A shudder raced across Rashmi’s body, “I’ve never felt like this before, but I must admit this… this feeling has been growing inside of me for some time.”

     Kareena’s hand froze and her body grew rigid, “W-what feeling?”

     Rashmi raised her wing just enough so that she could look Kareena in the eye, “That it is time for me to search for my siblings.”

     Kareena nodded her head, “You miss your brothers and sisters, that’s understandable. How many years have passed since you last saw them?”

     “Honestly, I haven’t kept track, but that’s not why I feel the urge to seek them.”  Rashmi pulled her wing back down over her eye. “I think it’s time for us to gather together and seek our Maker.”

     Kareena’s heart broke, “Do you really believe there is no other option? I mean, I too have watched this world fall apart because of man’s sinful ways, but…” she paused, searching her own mind for the right words. “There are still good people in this world. I know there is.”

     Rashmi knew it too, but the questions she’d been fighting for years now, haunted her mind. “Are they enough though? Do they have the strength and dedication to turn the evil ways of man around? The knowledge and skill to flip things right side up again?” She again peeked at Kareena from under her wing. “Does their heart and soul possess the ability to chase away the demons that have taken over?”

     Kareena stared into Rashmi’s tired and sad eyes, “With all my heart… I truly do hope so.”

     “If that is what you honestly believe, then I will delay my search and continue to keep watch over our faith of man.” Rashmi gently placed her head against Kareena’s frail human body, “But, I cannot promise for how long.”

     Kareena wrapped her arms around the dragon’s head and squeezed, “I understand.”

5 Star Goodreads – “I admit to being an avid fan and reader of 7DS Books short story collections, but this book stands out from the rest. Unlike the normal yet intriguing short story collections, this is a pass along full book written by seven authors, each holding the dragon of a certain faith. Each author did an impeccable job of obviously researching their dragon faith and entwining a properly matching personality. 
As the story went along, not only does the author have to carry off the proper personality of their dragon, but that of each dragon before them as well.
The faiths stood solid and strong, and without spoilers, the tale, all the way to the ending was majestic.
The history of hidden dragons being the keeper of mankind was a fantasy gold rush.
This is a must read, no matter the faith of the reader, or lack thereof. 
Bravo to all seven authors and the narration author” ~ Kat Daughtry.

5 Star Amazon – “Simply amazing. A truly unique concept, intertwining so many different beliefs with one common core. Beautifully written by all authors. It transports you into a stunning world of myth and spirituality. Loved this book!” ~ Jenny Port