I See You by Frantiska Oliver



With shape-shifting abilities, Haven sets out on a path of revenge against child predators, while she searches for the monster who ripped away her innocence, murdered her trust and abused her body. Hoping one day she will come eye to eye with the man who stole from her the only thing that cannot be given back or replaced. But, when she discovers Cassidy and her mysterious Uncle Bryce, Haven’s world of secrecy is exposed. Her solitude life is challenged and the protective walls she built around her scarred heart begin to crumble. Tossing her into uncharted territory and reminding her of forgotten dreams. Struggling with the haunting memories of her past, the inability to trust and the hideous reality of abuse, Haven is thrown into a battle she never expected to fight and feelings she didn’t want to face. But, one question remains. Can a damaged shifter learn to trust and love again? Or, will it destroy what little is left of her shattered heart and allow the shadows of her past the control they relentlessly seek?


Wounds that cut so deep they leave a scar, those are the hardest ones to overcome. I’m not talking about the cuts and scrapes that mar your skin. I’m talking about the ones that embed into your heart and haunt your every dream—the kind that causes you to snap awake from a deep sleep with tears. They leave you gasping in fear, constantly dredging up the horrible events from your past. Persistently reminding you that they follow your every step and no matter how fast you run, or how far you travel, you can never leave them behind.  Ones that sneak into your daily life and attempt to rob you of your happiness and peace, dreadful memories that, if given the chance, you would erase and never think of again. You know the ones I’m talking about. The aching pain that resides inside your heart, the way a simple word or phrase can stir it awake. How it eats away at your mind and tries to destroy your world with every bite. Memories so strong, you can close your eyes and relive every agonizing second as though it was happening again. The stalkers of your mind, thieves of your heart, and destroyers of your happiness… sometimes even your life. Those are the wounds I’m speaking of. We all have them, in one way or another. Nightmares from our past, heartaches from love, regrets for one reason or another, and then there’s mine.

 Thieves steal for profit or greed, but what do they gain when they rob a child of their innocence? Murderers kill for money, jealousy, power or religion, but what can the slaughter of a child’s trust offer them? Abusers mistreat for dominance, possession, or pleasure, but how can they be satisfied by beating away the child’s self-worth? All these questions, and then some, cross my mind as I stare into the eyes of the guilty and seek revenge against the monsters who created the deepest of wounds in an innocent child. I’m hoping one day I will come eye to eye with the one man who stole from me the only thing that cannot be given back or replaced. The monster who ripped away my innocence, murdered my trust, and abused my body.

I have been called by many names over the years but, my birth-given one is Haven. One I choose not to use, at least not until I fulfill the revenge I originally set out to seek.

Over the years I’ve tried many approaches but, as time passed, I learned the best way to get close to a victim was in the form of an animal. Sometimes a stray dog showing up under the shadow of a bush worked and other times, a homeless kitty cat walking along the window sill worked better, but all in all, an animal in need of a friend was the easiest way to help a child in danger.

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5 Star Amazon – “I was blown away by this book.” ~ booklover4lifeblog

5 Stars Amazon – “This book is great! Wonderful new story. I have never read anything like this before.” ~ The Naughty Librarian

5 Star Amazon – “A unique read that brings face a serious and dark issue that is sensitive to most is told in a way that doesn’t glorify the tragedy but brings froth the strength it takes to overcome.” ~ Book Flirts

5 Stars Amazon – “An eye opening story that sheds light on a dark topic by using shape-shifting revenge while taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride and leaving you on the edge of your seat with each turn of the page.” ~ RT

 5 Stars Amazon – “This is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading. Usually it takes me a couple weeks to read a book but this one had me turning the page over and over and finished it in about 3 days! Frantiska Oliver (author) will leave you begging for more! Can hardly wait for the next book from this up and coming new author.” ~  LH

5 Stars Goodreads – “FINALLY! A book like this is the missing cog of the literary world. I See You turned me into what can only be called, “a fan girl.” Abuse is a hard subject to take on in general conversation, but to make an inspirational fiction novel with so many layers of emotion with such strength, grit, and above all, wrap my heart and soul around the words and the mission while still being a book I proudly hand to my teenager to read… It is phenomenal. It is everything that needed to exist, and Frantiska Oliver brought it to life. This isn’t just a book. This is empowerment. I See You is a five star platinum cog and it should be on every bookshelf in the world, but until that happens, I do highly suggest to any reader reading this, you won’t regret making a spot for it on your shelf. I was honored to read the ARC of this book. I’ll be owning several copies to pass around. The best thing, was after my teenager read it, it opened the door for communication on a puzzling subject to approach, yet should be discussed between every parent and child. Thank you for writing this book.” ~ Michelle Picarella

 5 Stars Amazon – “I See You introduces an intriguing, paranormal twist on realistic monsters our society faces. Curiosity slithered into the crevasses of my mind, as I tried to discerne early – on if I could handle reading anything containing content of pedophiles.
It contains so much more than emotional scars and explicit scenerios. The execution of the prose remolds a hushed topic into a story of heroism and fascination. I am hanging on to to the mysteries and melting at the comfort only a child’s innocence can provide. I praise the author’s talented ability in choosing words that bring stories to life.
♡Twenty-seven percent into the book and I am hopelessly hooked on one mystery after another. It’s not often a book can become so intense this quickly!
♡Thirty-seven percent into the book and it is a new favorite. Romance has made an entrance. More paranormal delight, and I am utterly intoxicated. I never do a play-by-play of a book, but I sensed this book would be deserving after the first few chapters.
♡Fifty-nine percent into the book and I am riddled with desire, with rage and pain, and with admiration at the author’s ability to provoke these emotions. Monsters are real and they do not reside in ghost stories or fairy tales. At this point, my emotions resemble those of an adrenaline junkie. I know without a doubt, I will feel amped up long after the story is finished.
Talent such as this fascinates me to no end. I’ve found the story my soul craves.
The precision of the words chosen in each scenario are meticulous to the point of absolute perfection. I’m not sure I’ve ready many books containing a thoroughness of prestine objectivity. The execution of the prose is notably proficient. “I See You” is a well-versed narration entwining facts with a fictional story-line of phenomenal altitudes. The words capturing the emotional elements of an abused person’s lifestyle could not be captured more rigorously than the words confined to this particular narrative.
Keep in mind, this is not an account of abuse. It is of the thriller/paranormal romance genre that weaves an epic storyline.There is romance, reluctance, mystery, shapeshifters, witches, and horror.
I fear ever writing a book, for the chance that it would be nowhere near as worthy as one such as this. I am impatiently waiting for the debut of the second installment. A huge thank you to the author is in order for a vigorous, new journey. This book is a reminder as to why I NEED read and write.***Excuse me while I read it again. ♡ ” ~ Paranormal Trance Reviews